Absolutely amazing Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, plus size, bowling shirt, retro & vintage clothing, Hawaii Theme Gifts, Plush Toys
Absolutely amazing Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, plus size, bowling shirt, retro & vintage clothing, Hawaii Theme Gifts, Plush Toys

Absolutely Amazing Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, Bowling Shirts, Plus Size Ranges, Retro & Vintage Clothing, Hawaii Theme Gifts, & Plush Toys!

Talk Story - KOI

The Koi is a prized, highly colorful fish that resembles a large goldfish (a distant relative, actually), and can be thought of as an ornamental version of the Common Carp.

The Koi species was developed in Japan over 2 centuries ago, and is called "Nishikigoi" by the Japanese.

Koi can grow to between 2 and 3 feet long, depending on their environment. Many enthusiasts raise Koi in backyard ponds and large aquariums. Interestingly, although most Koi live about 30 years, in some extraordinary circumstances, they can live up to 200 years - how's that for longevity???

Koi can come in a single color (commonly Orange or White), however many come in vibrant multi-colored hues - Oranges, whites, reds, blacks. Just like Zebras or Tigers, if a Koi is multi-colored, there are no two that will be exactly alike.

One of the most extraordinary displays of Koi can be seen in the State of Hawaii, at the Dole Plantation Center in Central Oahu, just outside of the town of Wahiawa. As you can see below, a special giant man-made pond behind the center is home to several thousand Koi!!!

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In the photos above, you see the Koi during their feeding time - they consume specially enriched and fortified meal pellets. The pond allows you to marvel at the rich color and natural beauty of the Koi. You can see why so many Koi afficionados admire this gorgeous creature.

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Thanks for talking story with us. We'll be featuring a whole lot more over the coming months, so please be sure to check back often!


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