Absolutely amazing Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, plus size, bowling shirt, retro & vintage clothing, Hawaii Theme Gifts, Plush Toys
Absolutely amazing Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, plus size, bowling shirt, retro & vintage clothing, Hawaii Theme Gifts, Plush Toys

Absolutely Amazing Aloha Hawaiian Shirts, Bowling Shirts, Plus Size Ranges, Retro & Vintage Clothing, Hawaii Theme Gifts, & Plush Toys!

Satisfied Hawaiian Shirt Customers - Testimonials

Testimonials from our Hawaiian Shirt and Bowling Shirt Customers:

Jams World Aloha Shirt Comes to Houston

It was a dark and stormy night in Houston, last Sunday evening before Memorial Day. Fortunately, Beanteacher.com had managed to get the Jams World Bloemen Tropical Flowers Hawaiian Aloha Shirt to me in time for that night's dinner.

The dinner guests were a tough crowd: advertising art directors, graphic designers, interior designers. These are people without shame when it comes to dissing a friend's choice of clothing - and an eye for detail.

So in addition to brightening up the 28-person dinner party (and looking decorative as all get-out), I got actual comments on the shirt itself: "Look, the pocket perfectly matches the shirt pattern" from one of the graphic designers; and "Great buttons!" from a commercial interior designer.

More important, I didn't spill anything on my new shirt.

Thanks, Lisa and Neal, for helping me bring a little Hawaiian class to Houston - where it's perfectly normal to match aloha shirts with cowboy boots (in the right season).

Richard Laurence Baron in his Tropical Flowers shirt, with a unassuming Australian merlot.

Richard and Barbara (she's the one with the pinot grigio). Barbara wants Richard to tell you that she's actually 6' 1" - which is why Richard was so pleased that the Jams World XL fit him so well.

Richard Laurence Baron
Marketing Communications & Copywriting
Houston, Texas

Beanteacher Shirts and a Vegas Drive-Thru Wedding!

I just ordered shirts for my drive thru wedding in Vegas and all involved absolutely love them. I look forward to everyone looking great in Vegas. Delivery was absolutely great - very fast. Attached are the pics - everything went great and the guys look good:)

Shannon F.

Kiwi Buys Beanteacher Shirts, Gets Surrounded By Beautiful Women!

Hello Lisa,

The shirts all went down a treat as they made up our 'uniforms' for a trip to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne Australia.

We were stopped and asked about them by a lot of people. I will send you a photo of the team at the Grand prix with some friends in the next few days.

Best wishes,

Mark Ford
Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Lisa,

The BC Ethic Las Vegas Hard Rock Vince Ray Shirt arrived today. Very well packed, a great shirt in perfect condition!

It was a pleasure to buy @Beanteacher.com and may not have been the last time!!!! You are providing an excellent service! Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Thomas H.,
Berlin, Germany

Hi Lisa!!


Until I received my shipment from FedEx today, two full days ahead of my requested deadline, I didn't realize you (and your husband?) are OWNERS! Knowing that now, it is obvious to me what drives the level of customer svc. within your company...YOU!

If you'll re-call, I needed 9 Tiki-Tiki shirts by Thurs. Sept. 1, 2005. What you didn't know is that they are for my "bartenders" to service our Tiki Bar at our private pool club's end-of-season Labor Day Clam Bake Bash!! This event is an incredibly fun and successful day enjoyed by some 700-800 people! We introduced the Tiki Bar to the event last year as a novelty, just looking for a laugh. Well, it was so well-received, it is a must-return again this year! The question became: what can we do to "kick it up another notch?" Your Tiki Tiki Lounge shirts were exactly what we needed!

With under 5 days to accommodate my needs for merchandise not readily available in your inventory; I was quite impressed with your handling of my request. My poor advanced planning created an urgent situation which required you to jolt your vendors into immediate action. To procure my merchandise and have it in my hands within 3 days, to me, is truly remarkable!

Generally, I don't place a high value on the over-all "customer service/support" I would otherwise expect to receive in any given instance, having been disappointed too many times over the years.

The example you set by your level of commitment to what Customer Service is all about, is one that serves as a benchmark for all other service industries to aspire too!

What I find ironic, is that my experience in dealing with your organization, should be the norm, not the exception! My written acknowledgement almost suggests that I was expecting to be unsuccessful....not because the merchandise I sought was unavailable from you and your vendor, but instead because the customer service effort in "making it happen" would be lacking and weak, at best! If customer service throughout every industry was equal to your effort, everyone would expect to be successful in their quests, each and every time! Therefore, nobody would write thank you letters unless they wanted to write a note for every darn thing they bought!

While I'm kidding just a little bit, I believe you understand my point.

Keep doing what you're doing...and take pleasure in knowing that your customers are thrilled beyond belief with your interest and attentiveness to their needs!

Bert Piecuch
Morris Plains, New Jersey

Hi Guys,

Been meaning to drop you a quick note about the Hot Rod Rumble shirt I recently ordered from you. Great shirt, and great service from yourselves, it arrived within the week! Aint the 'net neat?

Best Regards,

Eugene Johnson


In response to your latest e-mail concerning the "Gutter Gals" bowling shirts in 4X that's fine with me. I can't wait to get and wear them. It's been a great pleasure dealing with "Beanteacher Hawaiian Style", and I would not hesitate to recommend your company, along with the shirts to any of my friends. Thanks for going the "extra mile" in making these shirts available. I'll always appreciate what you and your company did for me.


Michael F. Galante


Beanteacher Bowling Shirt Wedding!!!

"November 10th the rose came out of the motorcycle jacket and my hubby proposed. We decided to fly out to Vegas and do the Elvis wedding in December. I spotted the Goomba Lanes shirt on your site and thought, "hmmmm, that would be great with Elvis". So we ordered a pair as our wedding attire.

When there was a glitch with the order Lisa really went above and beyond to make sure we had them in time for our trip. She didn't realize one them was going to be my "wedding dress". When we arrived at the chapel they greeted us with big smiles and loved the classic 50's looking shirt.

When they saw the backs of the shirts they knew they had some special people on hand. They loved them, and they actually added to the ambiance of the evening. Thanks Lisa for helping our Vegas wedding have a special flair. Today when we say "Goomba" it means a lot more than a bowling shirt."

Dawn Johnson
Norcross, Georgia

Click here for more photos of the happy couple getting married at the Las Vegas Chapel, in their Goomba Lanes Bowling Shirts, along with special guest Elvis (he really IS alive!)

Beanteacher Down Under!!!

Hi Lisa,

I recently bought shirts from you.

I've attached a picture of my husband wearing the Hot Rod Rumble shirt.

My husband had gigs in another city in Australia (Adelaide which is about 400 miles away from us) and there was a guy wearing a shirt like one I bought from you and he had bought his from you too.

Hows that?

Small world even here.


Maryann from Melbourne, Australia

Santa Buys Shirts from Beanteacher.com!!!

"I have never been so pleased with service or quality as I have with the shirt that I purchased from Beanteacher.com.

Santa Claus is a fussy shopper. This is obvious in his choice of motorcycles (Harley Davidson of course) and Hawaiian shirts (Beanteacher of course).

To promote the release of the new book "The Bird in Santa's Beard", Santa himself purchased a unique shirt that featured himself in a woody station wagon being pulled by a team of dolphins. The shirt arrived on time and in perfect condition for use in the Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade in Traverse City, Michigan. This parade is the single largest children's parade in the world.

Posing proud with his Harley and his Beanteacher shirt, Santa won the acclaim of the crowd. Thanks, Beanteacher, for the great shirt and the wonderful service."

Santa Claus &
Jeffery Schatzer
Michigan, USA

Click here for more photos of Santa in his Christmas Hawaiian Shirt, along with information on the new Santa Book from Jeffery Schatzer.

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for sending the shirts so quickly. I received them today and was blown away. Tonight we were filmed for a TV show in Australia called " The Great Outdoors " due to us being rock n' roll dancers.

Everybody loved my new shirt as well as my "Hot Rod Rumble" I have told them all to go to you for their shirts. Your company would have to be one of the best places to do business with and I will highly recommend you to everyone.

Please get more types of rock n' roll/bowling shirts in Please e-mail me with any of your new products.

Kind regards

Adam Harrold

Aloha from Switzerland,

Good Morning

Last year I purchased a Tiki Tiki Hula Girl Bowling Shirt from you. I still have it. And the shirt attracts more comments than my bowling....


and best regards from Switzerland

Thomas Fetz
Zurich, Switzerland


I'm getting LOTS of comments and compliments on my shirts, as always. An older guy (even older than I) asked me tonight where he could get one, and I told him about you.

I found your phone number in the confirmation email you sent me. I'll pass it on to him, but I'm going to go ahead and send this to you so you will know how much people like the shirts. I get comments every day I wear them in public.

Bob Gould
Kaneohe, Hawaii


Thank you so much for all of your help! I will keep recommending your company to all. Have a nice holiday!!!


Tiki Seagrille & Bar Virginia Beach Va


I got the Shirt today!!!! I am sooooo... excited!!! I love it!!!

Thank you very much!!!

You are the BEST!!!!!!!!

Blaney Firestone
Irwin, PA

Hi Lisa,

Received the Koi pond shirt this morning.

spot on for size, I really like it.

Brilliant service.


David Cutt
United Kingdom

Our company was planning a team building event and I was searching the web for colorful, fun shirts to designate each team. I surfed onto the Beanteacher.com site and fell in love with the shirts at first sight.

I called and left a message explaining what I was wanting and immediately received a call back. Lisa worked for me until I could get exactly what I wanted. I ordered my 69 shirts and they arrived exactly as promised and in plenty of time for our event.

The shirts are a great quality, the prices are very competitive, and Beanteacher.com provided excellent customer service. I would recommend them 100% whether you want 1 shirt or 100. This was a totally satisfying internet shopping experience.

Janet Generaux
Social Activities Committee

Beanteacher.com - thank you!

My story starts a few weeks ago - after searching the web for days in an attempt to find and order bowling shirts for my team this year, I happened upon the Beanteacher.com website where I found the perfect shirt. Because the quantity I needed was not available according to the website (I have a very large bowling team - quantity wise that is not size wise!)

I contacted Lisa Nakama, one of the owners, asking for assistance. Her quick response and helpful attitude made my ordering very easy. Within days she had the quantity I needed and had shipped the bowling shirts in plenty of time for the start of the fast approaching season.

I was impressed by the personal attention to detail that Lisa provided me, both in e-mail and on the phone to confirm my order. I am a very satisfied customer who will most definately use Beanteacher.com again.

Brian Balcer
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

We love to hear from happy customers! If you were pleased with your experience at Beanteacher Hawaiian Style, or if you have a good Hawaiian Shirt or Bowling Shirt story to tell, or a photo to share, we'd love to hear from you!

Contact us to send any testimonials our way!

Lisa & Neal thank you and Dolphin Duke thanks you too! Aloha!



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